This post contains all the Full Moon and Moon Rocks content. The Moon Rocks video at the bottom of this post is from the Think Different Sponge Magic DVD.

Moon Rocks Demo

Moon Rocks Explanation
Password to watch video is moon

Moon Rocks Script
A Little Talk About Gravity
We’re going to talk about GRAVITY.  I’m very serious (This is a great moment to put on a police hat if you have one or possibly show a large badge.)because gravity is the law.  When I say it’s the law I refer to a law of nature.  That means it can’t be broken even if we try.  I’ll try right now.  Stay.  (Drop apple)No, I couldn’t break it.  Gravity is the force that pulls everything toward the earth.  That apple didn’t really fall it was pulled by gravity to the floor.

We know that because of a fellow named Issac Newton.  He figured it out when an apple dropped on his head. At least that’s the legend of what happened.  Between you and me, I think there was a bookworm inside the apple that told him. If not, Mr. Newton must have been a good reader to be so smart.

He helped us to understand that the law of gravity applies everywhere even in space.  Even the moon has gravity.  However, there’s much less gravity on the moon than here on earth.  That’s why things appear weightless on the moon. The gravitational pull is not as strong. (This educational pre-talk may focus on reading skills or science.  It’s a great way to promote education before and after the routine.)

Moon Rocks Presentation
(Preset: Pocket or box loaded with four moon rocks, blue moon, and flash light.  A small box may be used in place of your pocket.  This will make it much easier to palm the balls at the appropriate times. I like to use a box instead of my pocket when performing on stage.)

I brought something really neat to show you. (Remove one gray ball from pocket or box.  Secretly palm a second ball.)  It’s a moon rock.  I need a helper to check it out.  (Choose helper and put ball in their hand to squeeze.) Give it a squeeze.  It’s soft isn’t it? It’s not really a moon rock. But it is a magic rock and I named it “Moon.”  It is very light isn’t it?  There’s very little gravitational pull on it just like the moon.  Let me show you something else.  (Take ball from helper.)  Look it has little craters, just like the moon.

I want to show you something that real moon rocks can’t do. Hold this rock and squeeze him tight. (Place ball along with palmed ball in helper’s hand. Reach into pocket or box and bring out another gray ball.)

I would like to introduce you to Melvin Moon.  He lives on the dark side of the moon.  I’ll let you in on a secret about Melvin.  He’s a scaredy cat.  Yep, he’s afraid of his own shadow.  Anytime someone says “Boo” he gets really scared and he’s on the move. (Pretend to place ball in your left hand but actually palm it in your right hand.) Watch this.  (Say “Boo” at your closed fist.)  “Boo!” Melvin’s on the move.  (Slowly open your hand to reveal it empty.)  Check your hand please.  (Two balls are in helper’s hand.)  Wow, Melvin jumped from my hand into yours.  He’s fast, isn’t he?  I didn’t feel a thing.  Must have been his very light gravitational pull.  Let’s try that again.

You hold the rock named Moon and I’ll take Melvin.  (Place one ball in helper’s hand along with the one, which is palmed in your right hand.  Helper now has two balls again believing it is one. Pretend to place Melvin ball in your left hand but secretly palm it in your right hand as before. Reach into pocket or box and drop off palmed ball from right hand and pick up flashlight.)


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Full Moon Demo

Full Moon Explanation. Password to watch video is moon

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