This 2 disk DVD contains content from the Build A Better Mouse Trap book. It was filmed live at KIDabra.

Disk 1
Let the fun begin. The helpers in the lecture are Rob Erdmann‘s children. I asked them in advance to be available for all the demos so we didn’t waste time finding helpers.

Magnet Man
Truly one of my favorite hero routines. This is the original presentation. There are other variations of the effect. Find all other Magnet Man post HERE.

Fastest Egg in the World
This lecture contains some of my favorite material. There are other posts within the studio with live performances and more details. CLICK HERE.

Mo Water
I love this. There is a live performance of this in the Road Ready Show. CLICK HERE.

Magic Sew EZ
Another one of my favorites. This one is also in the Road Ready show. CLICK HERE.

Simon the Star
A simple silk vanish with a thumb tip. There are many ways to vanish a silk in a thumb tip. The standard has been a mini rabbit going into a top hat. I have Simon and Fluffy the frog and originally I created the Black Hole. See the ORIGINAL.

Fastest Card Trick in the World
The Fastest Card Trick is explained in the BETTER MOUSE BOOK.

Flim Flam Flum
Here’s another video of Film Flam. CLICK HERE.

My View of Card Tricks
The world of card tricks has changed since I did this lecture. Card tricks are MUCH more popular for younger audiences now. I still do VERY FEW card tricks but I recognize that the world has changed.

Oscar the Oyster
As I watch the video to give notes, I’m constantly reminded that this is some of my favorite material. I really love to perform Oscar. I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as I am.

Disk 2
Color Vision on Steroids
Color Vision has always been one of my favorite effects. As I said in the lecture, “Real people love this trick and real people are the ones who writes my checks.”

Canned Book Worms
Ken Scott and I worked on this effect. All these effects are explained in the Build A Better Mouse Trap book.

Claire the Silk Worm
Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite stories. I love saying “Boiled Alive!” It is the true story of silks written in a form that’s fun. Behind the scenes, I had a great group of friends at my home before the convention. We knew this would sell but I was way behind making them. There was a great deal of labor involved in making this simple little pot. Thankfully, I have some great friends who helped in painting and assembly of Claire.

The rest of disk 2 contains detailed explanations of some of the effects.
Fastest Egg in the World
Dead Eye Duck
Elephant Lost the Key to his Trunk
Silly Silk Stains – This was one of the first silk tricks that Tim Sonefelt of Wonder Imagery printed for me. They are now retired.
Captain Chicken

And finally
The Story of Super Chicken

Oscar the Oyster
This post is connected to Oscar the Oyster as well as Use Your Head DVD. Here is a video of Oscar portion.

Dan Nixon Collection
The original Oscar the Oyster and other items.

Simon the Star Demo

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