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NEW Magic Paint Brush
NEW 2024 Live Library Show

NEW Kids Go Bananas

NEW Switch Can Hat Coil
NEW Jack Benny Video

NEW Appearing Pole Holder

NEW 2024 Kapital Kidvention Lecture

NEW Appearing North Pole

NEW Screaming Pickle VIP

NEW Jack in a Box Appearing Pumpkin on a Stick

NEW Environmental Confusion Tester

NEW Elf Frustration Tester
NEW Louie Elf Escape Artist
NEW Humpty the Yolkster

NEW 4 Straw Trick

NEW No Pickles Game

NEW Rubber Bands Gospel

NEW Grin Keeper

NEW Linking Ring Magazine Cover Article

NEW Bag O Mystery
NEW 2023 KIDabra Lecture
NEW 2023 Library Show
NEW Arrow Tubes Update

NEW Time Traveling Fly
NEW Silly Silk Stains

NEW Barry’s Appearing Poles

NEW 2004 Magic Circular
NEW Thumb Things

NEW Reading Adventure Show

NEW Kapital Kidvention

NEW King of Red

NEW Moo Masher by Dennis Giovine

NEW MagiTunes Samples

NEW President Award

NEW Upon Which Rock
NEW VIP Tiny Wrinkles
NEW Miner’s Queen

NEW 2022 Holiday Show
NEW Elf Seasoning
NEW Sam the Turtle Library
NEW Hyena the Chicken Library
NEW Puppet Library
NEW 2015 Church Show

NEW 2022 Halloween Show

NEW Sneaky Pete

NEW Cyclops Imposter

NEW VIP – Scary Growing Balls

The Making of Smile Maker
NEW Trashy Trivia

NEW Scary Suggestions for Halloween Shows

NEW Clear View Force Bag
2006 Funny Paper Cover Story

FCM 2003 Magazine Cover Article

2022 Barry’s 60th Birthday Video

2022 KIDabra Lecture CLICK HERE

Corpuscle Kindness Tester CLICK HERE
VIP – ShowTimeMagic Table Shelf CLICK HERE
VIP – Itchy Chicken CLICK HERE
2022 Kapital Kidvention Fun with Foes CLICK HERE
2022 Library Show LIVE CLICK HERE




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