FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is inside the studio?
•ALL the video chapters from ALL of Barry’s DVDs past and future.  New content added constantly.
•ALL VIP videos, previously only available to Facebook Group members.
•All CDs.
•ALL Backstage with Barry and Living Room lectures exclusive Studio content.
•ALL exclusive Guest Lectures.
•ALL Barry’s books and magazine articles.
•Never before published content.
•Rare footage of Barry’s performance history that is not available ANYWHERE else.
•Photo albums of customers and Barry’s performance history.
•Studio Scholars also have membership in the Secret Studio Facebook Group.
In a nutshell, Barry’s library becomes your creative magic resource!
PLUS 10% OFF all products at Barry’s website AND 50% OFF Barry’s download DVD & Books (Discounts not included with trial membership.)

2. How much?
Full membership is only $19 a month to be paid in one payment of $228 or three payments of $76.  A single trial month membership is only $29.

3. Can I download videos?
The studio provides online viewing of Barry’s video and print content.  Although members cannot download studio content, they can get 50% off all of Barry’s DVD downloads that are available.

4. Does the studio contain art and PDF books that are contained on Barry’s DVDs?
The studio does contain some downloadable content but not all. Almost all of Barry’s DVDs will be available at a 50% discount for Studio Scholars to download, which will contain all documents.

5. How often will new content be available?
Each month more content will be available for viewing and reading.  Our goal is to overwhelm you with content.

6. Why can I not view some of the videos if I’m a full member?
Some content has been uploaded in advance but the full post isn’t finished.  They may not be visible at the time, but they are coming. If there is a BLUE link on the AVAILABLE NOW page, it’s viewable now.

7. If I cancel my membership after the first twelve months, do I still have performance rights for Can Opener and other performance rights effects?

8. Does my membership renew automatically?
No.  You’ll be contacted when your membership is about to expire and have the opportunity to continue. Your credit card or PayPal information is not stored.

9. How many DVDs, CDs, & Books has Barry produced that will be in the studio?
Here’s a list of some.  Obviously he doesn’t plan to stop!
10 Commandments of Selling CD
ABCs of Children’s Magic CD
Aliens, Astronauts & Space Stuff DVD (Plus Studio Only Content)
Bag-O-Wow DVD
Better Builder Show DVD
Book of Barry CD
Build A Better Mouse Trap Book
Can Opener DIY & Performance Rights
DIY DVD – Flag-O-Matic 2 & Performance Rights
DIY DVD – Magic Treasure Chest & Performance Rights
Duh! Wish I Had Thought of That! DVD
Duh! Wish I Had Thought of That! Book
Duh Part Duex DVD
Education Edition PDF
Fire Up Your Imagination DVD (Plus Studio Only Content)
Great Math Rabbit (Ryth-Ma-Tic-Rabbit)
Hero Magic, Music, & More DVD
Inspector Iwannano Character Show DVD & Book
JFK – Just For Kidabra DVD (Studio Only Content)
KIDabra Birthday Session Video
KIDabra DIY Session Video
KIDabra Holiday Session Video
KIDabra Library Session Video
Let Me Tell You A Story Book
Looking for a Reader CD
Magic of Thinking Creatively DVD
Magic of Thinking Creatively Book
Magic Mooves Me DVD
Magic with Science DVD
On Your Mark, Get Set, Succeed! DVD
On Your Mark, Get Set, Succeed! Book
Presto Symphony DIY & Performance Rights
Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle Show Package
Road Ready DVD
Rubber Chicken Chronicles Magazines
Rubber Dookie Song Audio Track
Stage Upers CD
Story Teller Vol. 1 DVD
Story Teller Vol. 2 DVD
Super Chicken DIY DVD
Talking Trash & Performance Rights
Take Home A Friend
Target WOW CD
Target WOW Script with Additional Content
Think Different DIY Magic 1 DVD
Think Different DIY Magic 2 DVD
Think Different DIY Magic 2 Book
Think Different Kards with Kids 1 DVD
Think Different Kards with Kids 2 DVD
Think Different Silk Magic DVD
Think Different Sponge Magic DVE
Truths and Treasures DVD
Turn Your Frown Upside Down
Use Your Head to Create Better Magic DVD
You Can Do Magic with Your Business Book
Wee Wand Routines Book

The Studio also includes Exclusive Content
All Product Videos including Retired Effects WITH extra content
All of Barry’s Magazine Articles
Backstage with Barry
Convention Scripts
Live Convention Lecture Videos
Live Performance Videos as far back as 1989
Living Room Lectures
Musical Madness DVD Exclusive Content
Puppet Related Exclusive Content
Santa Suggestions Videos
Scary Suggestions Videos
Unpublished Books
VIP Videos
BONUS: Guest Sessions from some of the best family entertainers in the world on a variety of subjects

The Fine Print
No Compliance = No Membership!
Our membership rules are very simple.
1. No Stealing. Copying video or written content by ANY means, electronic or otherwise is prohibited. Copying without permission is stealing. Violators are subject to immediate cancellation of membership with no refund.

2. No Sharing. Sharing passwords is stealing. Refer to rule number 1.

3. No Selling. Buying downloads at discounted prices and selling or sharing is stealing. Refer to rule number 1.

4. No Reproduction Rights – Reproducing and selling effects in the studio without permission is stealing.  Refer to rule number 1.
The rules are very simple but we take them VERY SERIOUSLY.

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