The Fine Print
No Compliance = No Membership!
Our membership rules are very simple.
1. No Stealing. Copying video or written content by ANY means, electronic or otherwise is prohibited. Copying without permission is stealing. Violators are subject to immediate cancellation of membership with no refund.
2. No Sharing. Sharing passwords is stealing. Refer to rule number 1.
3. No Selling. Buying downloads at discounted prices and selling or sharing is stealing. Refer to rule number 1.
4. No Reproduction Rights – Reproducing and selling effects in the studio without permission is stealing. Refer to rule number 1.
The rules are very simple but we take them VERY SERIOUSLY.

Video Content
The Studio provides all the video content of the Barry Mitchell Library for online viewing. Video content is not downloadable. PDF books and art files associated with Barry’s DVDs are not available in the studio. However, members have access to this content in the discounted downloadable DVDs.  Each month more chapters will be added for viewing.

Facebook Secret Studio Group
As a member, you have access to the secret Facebook group. After joining you will be sent an invitation to join the group.  If you did not receive an invitation, please contact us.

Your Discount Code
As a member, you get 10% OFF ALL ORDERS at Barry Mitchell Products. You MUST use the code at checkout to get your discount. No refunds if the code isn’t used at checkout. No sharing of the code. The code is specifically connected to membership and will not work for anyone else. The discount code will be sent to you in a welcome email.

DVD Download Discounts
Downloads of DVD products are available to Scholar members at 50% off. Download DVDs contain all video, PDF books, and print files necessary to make DIY effects. Use the link within the video post to order. These download prices are ONLY available to Studio Scholar Members and they MUST be purchased within the Studio site to get the discount. These prices are not visible on the Barry Mitchell Products website. Please remember the Fine Print . . . no sharing.

Contact Us
Feel free to contact us anytime through the Secret Facebook group or the Contact link in the top menu bar. We will respond to your message as soon as possible. Thanks for joining us. Enjoy the studio.

Barry aka The Librarian

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