Member Reviews

“Now I can watch on the road on my phone! That’s incredibly awesome!”
Harvey Simpson

“All I can say is WOW!  I am overwhelmed at what is available!  I should have joined this a VERY LONG TIME AGO!”
Greg Souders

“I cannot believe the amount of content… There is something for everyone, regardless of your style or skill set!”
Danny Baker

“No bones about it! Smile Maker Studio is chock full of years of Barry’s innovations, creations, and all of the information needed to be the best entertainer possible. One place has it all! Videos, DVD downloads you can purchase at HALF OFF! The studio is a wellspring of knowledge from the best storytelling entertainer ever!”
Eric Youngvall

“I am a big fan of Barry Mitchell Products but I really debated whether or not to join Smile Maker Studio. Within minutes of joining, I started exploring the Studio and I am blown away by all of the available content and what will be available in the future. Smile Maker Studio will be an invaluable resource to grow my business and helping me be a better performer.”
Perry Warren

“My first day as a Scholar in Smile Maker Studio provided me the inspiration for a new opening routine for a ventrilo-magic show in five days. Looking forward to many more ideas and inspiration as well as the Free new Smile Maker.”
Wally Cady

“I don’t often give the Bald One money, but the amount of content on here is overwhelming with more on the way!”
Tim Sonefelt

“After a few days with Barry Mitchell’s SmileMakerStudio, I am overwhelmed with all the great stuff inside. Hundreds of videos, bunch of tips and ideas, articles, whole DVD’s and there is much more to come and last but not least a free Smile Maker for paid sign ups during April 2017. It’s worth every single dollar I spend!”
Tom Flicker

“I’ve spent the day playing in this gold mine and my brain is ready to explode with so much information, more than I ever knew. Everything that Barry has ever created, lectured about, all his DVD contents, every download, all his best selling books, the BEST in educational and motivational magic, is in the Smile Maker Studio. If it oozed out of his creative mind, he’s sharing it in the studio.
Steve Wronker

“I just read the columns from the World Clown Association May, June, July and Aug/Sept 2007 issues. It’s all about what Barry calls “performance storytelling.” It’s exactly the kind of show I enjoy performing for many of my audiences but I never thought of it the way Barry explained it. There are some GREAT tips that I can use to improve what I do. These articles will enlighten you, too. But it’s only found in his Smile Maker Studio. If you haven’t joined yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Steve Wronker

“I love the studio. It is like having all of Barry Mitchell’s library at your fingertips. Thank you for all the hard work and sharing your creative mind with us.”
Mark Bentley

“Last night I had to edit then duplicate a bunch of demo DVDs. So while it was all rendering and processing, I had hours to spend in the BM Library, listening to all of the ‘force’ instructionals and then the possibilities using cards, laminating and numerous printing options, then exploring new content applications for the Magic Box.  My wife said I was smiling. I’m not a serial smiler but in spite of my aversion to sentimental crap… it IS called Smilemakerstudio.”
Steve Petra


“When I joined as one of the original members, I was impressed with the amount and quality of the content. Since then Barry has continued to add more and more content of excellent quality. The quality of what Barry puts in the studio is brilliant and very inspiring.”
Michael Blain

“It’s everything Barry…the most creative mind in Magic!”
Christopher Weed

“Being a member of Barry Mitchell’s Smile Maker Studio is like taking a nutritional supplement for your performance well-being. It is a source of creativity, practical advice, idea sharing, and a wellspring of resource material.”
Larry Crabtree

“In creating Smile Maker Studio, Barry is waaaayyyy ahead of the times! I’m in my 2nd year of membership. I own many of Barry’s DVD’s which are in the studio, but there is still a wealth of MORE information in the studio.”
Carol Ellringer

“Smile Maker Studio is my number one go to Library for everything entertainment related, you’re going to find the experience, the inspiration and tools to be fun, funny, structured and look like a top pro!”
Eric Youngvall

“As someone who is just “getting back” into magic and entertainment for Kids and families. it is a deep well of knowledge. Not to say this is just for beginners it is for everyone.”
Craig Flynn

“There’s EASLY enough solid, original content here that you could write every show for the rest of your career and not need a single other source of inspiration.”
Tim Sonefelt

“Not only is there a treasure trove of effects in the studio, but it is chock-full of comedy, theory, technique, plenty of DIY and more.”
Dorian LaChance

“Wow! This is a one of a kind! There has never been anything like this before where you can discover so much creativity in one place! Something like this is priceless!”
Dan Nixon

“Smile Maker Studio is the ultimate resource for top pros, or people who just want to look like one. Stop reading this and sign up today.”
Mark Tripp

“Every book, every DVD, every routine from the creative mind of one of the top kid show gurus, Barry Mitchell. Nowhere else, nor no one else, is committed to sharing everything with fellow entertainers. There is so much information in the Smile Maker Studio, it’s hard to believe that there is a lot more to be included.”
Steve Wronker

“Need to create a whole new show? Head to the Smile Maker Studio! Need an idea to make your current show better? Head to the Smile Maker Studio! Need to tweak a routine? Head to the Smile Maker Studio! Brilliant content from a brilliant mind. GOSH that last sentence was difficult to write!”
Gene Cordova

“Smile Maker Studio really is the only source you need to be a successful children’s entertainer. No where will you find an entertainment master willing to share with you. This is real life material you can use right away. Smile Maker Studio will add greatness to your show!”
Jim Austin

“I have been a fan of Barry’s material, ideas and props for a LONG time and have a lot of his books, DVD’s and lecture notes. They are in boxes in the basement or in the magic room and I can’t always find what I need when I remember, “Oh, Barry did a routine with that once!” The Studio gives me instant access to everything Barry has offered over the years.”
Tommy Johns

World’s Longest Review
“7 Reasons you should NOT join the SmileMaker Studio
1. If you join the SmileMaker Studio, you’ll be so engrossed in learning hundreds of instant ways to improve your show, it will quickly cut into your online time browsing pictures of cats licking their nether regions, celebrities exposing their nether regions, and politicians grabbing other people’s nether regions.

2. If you join the SmileMaker Studio you will be so creatively stimulated that your “Adult Attention Deficit Disorder” will go into remission and you may never get it back!

3. If you join the SmileMaker Studio you may develp second degree burns on your fingers from spending hours with your glue gun creating more magic and props than you can use in a lifetime.

4. If you join the SmileMaker Studio the clerk at your local Dollar Store will eventually invite you to their child’s graduation because you helped put them through college.

5. If you join the SmileMaker Studio you will struggle with keeping your day job because you’ll be so booked up doing shows that you’ll have to entertain on a full time basis.

6. If you join the SmileMaker Studio you will have access to video instruction from the leading Kid and Family Entertainers in the Buisness with a click of the mouse. It’s like having a Creative Entertainer’s Convention in your home on a regular basis. Which means you might have to spend your vacation with your spouse and kids.

7. If you join the SmileMaker Studio you’ll be invited to join the SmileMaker SECRET Studio Facebook page. This means you’ll be forced to hang out and share ideas with the likes of Yours Truly, Steve Petra, Tommy Johns, Steve Wronker, Dorian LaChance, Lee Andrews, Tim Sonefelt, Al Moessinger, and many more. But, worst of all, you’ll be exposed to unhealthy levels of short, bald, & irritating. The man with the Gomer Pyle voice, the splinter under my nail, the constant pain in my behind, the piece of egg shell in my omelet, the chip of bitter pit in my bowl of peaches, the pickle juice in my eye and the cup of sugar in my gas tank .. Barry Mitchell.”
Gene Cordova

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