This was my ninth show of the 2019 library season. The bugs had almost all been worked out of the show at this time. There were a few trick changes since the beginning. In the first show, Ed the Egg was between Hyena and Sam. I removed Ed and added the Stars of Space Bucket Full routine. Usually I end the show with Sam but I am glad I made the change for an educational and potentially heart tug moment at the end. My wording on the finale of the Stars of Space is still developing.

Show Order and Notes
Happy SongĀ 
I open all my shows with my version of the Happy song.

Character Opening
I always explain the behavior I expect of the children before the show starts. I call this my Character Opening.

Space Ears
I wrote the line, “Books are for the space between your ears,” as I was writing the opening. After I said it, I felt it was the perfect lead in for a fast visual opener. I had the idea of the ears appearing from the book. Tim Sonefelt made the prop for me and he is using it in his show as well. Dorian LaChance also has one so we are the only ones in the southeast with permission to use the idea.

Black Holes of Doom (Alien Can Opener)
Originally, I had only planned to use the three music clips from Nathan Roberts Universe of Space Tunes CD. On the fourth time, I planned to make a joke about the music not working. However, a kid made the sound effect when the music didn’t play. WOW, what a funny moment in that show. Then it happened again in the second show. Now it was time to add it to the script. Therefore it becomes a bigger running gag that plays throughout the effect and has a call back during Cosmos Cow.

Alien Change Bag
I plan to talk about this in my KIDabra 2019 lecture in Atlanta. This is SO much fun. The method is pretty obvious but the results are amazing. I wish the video quality was better so you could truly appreciate how the kids respond.

Evil Space Alien Alarm
This is one of my favorite parts of the show. The Buzz Off gimmick was created for this segment of my show. Special thanks to Dorian LaChance and Steve Petra for his help in the development of the routine and for building all the Buzz Off gimmicks. CLICK HERE TO SEE BUZZ OFF
To control the alarm, I have a remote unit in each pocket. I tend to press the one in my left pocket more than the right, however, it really doesn’t matter because the kids aren’t watching me. They are watching the box. I also use this in my Seuss show as an elephant alarm. I’ve shown this in a lecture at KAX but I don’t think it was fully appreciated of the fun it can be. Audiences of children confirm to me that the idea is solid.

Cosmos Cow
First lets say a big thank you to the young lady helper who MADE MY DAY. When she started moving in slow motion with me, I thought I would lose it. What a wonderful moment and it’s on film. After the show, the librarian told me the young lady deals with a bad case of ADD. The librarian was very pleased with how well she did in the show. It’s always exciting to hear how something as simple as a magic trick can bring out the best in children.
Cosmos is a variation of Fabio the Firefly. CLICK HERE TO SEE FABIO. It’s basically the same routine, however, it has more elements of changing the presentation apparently as a second thought. Going from the moon to the sun is a Steve Petra idea. He also wrote the line, “out the other side where the sun don’t shine” and “cow poke.” Love that line. Cosmos says the same script as Fabio. The reason is because I only have a couple voices that I do and I really really enjoy doing my Loony Tunes inspired Spanish accent. However, I did add the line about the Spanish bull fighters so it had at least one reason for being Spanish. SEE COSMOS COW IN THE STUDIO

Hyena the Chicken
Big thanks to Steve Petra again for his help with Hyena. Steve is the one that talked me into getting a second puppet. All credit goes to Steve for the Sneeze Knot idea. Wow, it’s fun. Steve also suggested the feather duster as the tickle agent and the sleeping bit. The man is an evil genius. I’m still REALLY nervous with Hyena so the routine moves too fast but I’m getting more comfortable. This is only my second year with him in the show. The one word, “cornbread” was add the day before. Lee Andrews and I did some brainstorming about it and we came up with cornbread. At the end of the routine, Hyena did adlib the words, “and muffins.” I didn’t expect that. I was shocked but glad he added it.

Sam the Turtle
Special thanks to Tim Sonefelt for talking me into adding a puppet into my shows. Now the puppet is the star of the shows and I’m totally ok with that. Special thanks to Steve Axtell for walking me through the process of feeling comfortable with a puppet. Special thanks to Gene Cordova and Steve Petra for their puppet help as well. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE SAM CONTENT

Stars of Space
This was a last minute story I wrote for the show. After I wrote it, I decided not to use it. Then after the second performance I pulled Ed the Egg and put this in. I’m happy with the switch. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE STARS OF SPACE INFO

Hope you enjoy the show.

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