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A card duck magic prop is adapted to appear to be a dragon on one side and duck on the other. Art is provided in the art files. Alphabet cards are used, and two cards are used to force with two duplicate cards for the revelation. A blank card is used as a comedy bit. A cloth hood is made to go over the duck’s head. On one side of the hood there is a hole positioned for the duck’s eye to be seen. A can of spray air is covered with a label from a box of Red Hots candy.

(Turn duck from side to side during script to distinguish characters.) I would like you to meet my friend. He’s a duck. (Quack, quack) And he’s a dragon. (Roar) A duck. (Quack, quack) A dragon. (Roar) Actually, he’s a duc-agon. He’s half duck and half dragon. I just call him Daffy.

Daffy is like most dragons. He spits fire and burn small villages. (Roar) He’s like most ducks. He waddles when he walks, and he hacks when he quacks. (Hack quack) That’s nasty.

Daffy is unique in one way, other than being a duc-agon.  Daffy eats the alphabet. He loves letters. Give him an A, B and C with salt and pepper and he has a meal. To Daffy, a T with sugar is sweet tea. For Daffy, a K, O and A with mustard is AOK. (Yummy.)

Today he will show off his nose talent. When he breathes fire he has burned all the nose hairs in his left nose hole. But he still has one good smeller hole. He loves the smell of unscented cinnamon so we’ll try a little experiment using a bottle of Red Hots unscented cinnamon spray. (Spray air can) Personally, I can’t smell unscented cinnamon, but Daffy still has one good nose hole and he is the one doing the trick, not me.

I need a helper. You’ll be choosing a letter from this box of duc-agon food. It contains all 26 letters of the alphabet plus some extra letters in Spanish. Those letters are caliente. We don’t want Daffy to see the letters because his job is to smell the letters. I’ll put a hood over his eyes. (Place cover over head with eye hole side hidden from the audience.)

Choose any letter. Just for fun, let’s choose two letters. Choose another. (Preset cards with two letter cards and one blank card on the bottom of deck. Force two duplicate cards from the deck and false shuffle after cards are returned to the pack. The preset cards on the bottom of the pack will reveal the blank card first. Having the cards on the bottom of the pack allows for the letter to be hidden from the audience view until it is removed from the duck’s mouth.) I’ll spray a burst of unscented cinnamon on the letters you chose. Can you smell the cinnamon? Neither can I. That’s why it’s called unscented. But Daffy can. We’ll mix them in with the other letters. I’ll place them in Daffy’s food dish, and we’ll see what happens.  It’s time to remove his hood.

Daffy, there are two letters that have been scented with unscented cinnamon. Please do that thing you do and find them. (Playfully grab the first card, the blank one.) Daffy, this card doesn’t have a letter. (Quack, quack, roar, roar.) He said he licked it off as an appetizer.

Let’s try that again. Go for a letter with unscented cinnamon. (Playfully find the two cards.) Daffy did it! (Look down at hood on table.) Wait a minute. Daffy tricked us. I see how you did it. (Put hood over duck head so eye may be seen through hole.)

The moral of this story is Never play cards with a duc-agon. They’re red hot cheaters and worse than that… (stage whisper) They have bad breath. (duc-agon nips your finger)


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