Fairy Dust Magnification Dish

Chick pan loaded with twenty or so sponge balls. Color choice is up to you. See Wish Dish and Fried Chick Pan chapters for explanations of loading the chick pan. Red dot or button is added to top of chick pan. A sign may be made in the shape of an arrow and printed with the words, DO NOT PUSH RED BUTTON. Two round cards are made for inside chick pan base and inside bottom of load pan. Card should be laminated since sponge balls in load chamber will be wet for expansion. Small beads are used in the color of your choice to represent fairy dust. A mixture of colors is also an option. A pair of funny glasses adds to the presentation. “Prescription” glasses are made by cutting the bottoms out of medicine bottles and attaching them to inexpensive glasses. See video for details.

Have you ever seen actual fairy dust? Some people say you can’t see fairy dust. But I can because I have fairy dust magnification glasses. (Funny glasses of your choice) They are prescription lenses.

I can tell you that inside this bag are little blue balls of fairy dust. But you can’t see them without the glasses. So, I’m going to place some inside a fairy dust magnification dish. I can prove that’s what it is. Inside is a little card that say, Fairy Dust Magnification Dish. Made in China.

Are you ready to see how the dish works? I just place the lid on top and then I push the red button. (DO NOT PUSH RED BUTTON sign if desired.) Should I push the red button? Are you sure? (Buzzer sounds may be used from music tracks or make the sound live.) That’s the red button alarm. I knew I shouldn’t listen to you. (Open pan) It’s magnified fairy dust! I told you it would work. Just like the little card says. (Show duplicate card inside pan load chamber.)

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