Hans Wrote It
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It’s time to create a little fairy tale magic. I mean that. We’re going to create something from fairy tales. That “something” will appear right here. (Point to spot on table.)

But it wouldn’t be a magic trick if it just appeared. It has to appear behind something so it’s mysterious. We’re going to use this screen. (Temple Screen) On the front of the screen, is a map of the world. In the middle of the map is the little country of Denmark. It’s the small red spot in the middle of the world.

Denmark is famous for many things. Three of them are on the back of the screen. Legos, Danish pastries and Hans Christian Anderson. Have you heard of Hans? I bet you’ve seen his work.
(Show book covers)
The Little Mermaid, Hans wrote it!
Emperor’s New Clothes, Hans wrote it!
The Snow Queen, Hans wrote it! You might know it by the name Frozen.
The Ugly Duckling, Hans wrote it!

Princess and the Pea, Hans wrote it! Since he wrote over 3000 stories, there are probably a few you haven’t heard of like The Red Shoes, The Teapot, Thumbelina, The Flying Trunk and one of my favorites Blockhead Hans.

Hans wrote all those and many more. He was born in 1805. In his day . . . he was a rock star. A rock star of writing fairy tales. He was so famous that Denmark honored him as a national treasure and gave him a yearly salary. He was paid because he was famous. Just like the Kardashians. Only, Hans was talented.

I need someone to help me choose one of Hans’ famous stories. We have several book covers. As I shuffle the cards, please say stop. Our story is the Snow Queen. You probably know the story from the movie Frozen. There are several characters in the movie.

There is Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hans, a few others and Olaf the snowman. Since you chose the story, I want to choose my favorite character. Do you have a favorite? (If they answer Olaf, you are ready to agree, and it appears to not be a force.)



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