Sam’s Staff

Sam’s Staff is the key to perform a final production or trick in your show. For the staff to be useful, magic stones must be discovered throughout the show. As the stones are found, they are attached to the staff. Stones attach magnetically to the appearing pole via small washers taped inside. This DIY project uses a wood appearing pole, small birdhouse from Walmart craft section (.97), colored stones with magnets and a small wood dowel piece. Wood dowel is glued to the bottom of the birdhouse so it can be attached to appearing pole. The most expensive part in the project is purchasing a 3 or 4-foot dowel to get the short piece needed. You may discover a different way to attach the topper. Appearing pole will be loaded in a paper bag using Pole Control for production. See DVD for full details.

This is the sack of Sam. Sam is a bit of a magician and a part time shoe salesman. Supposedly, Sam’s sack secures a special staff, also known as a stick. The hand that surrounds the staff saves 76% off new shoes at the Shoe Shack and Sock Outlet. Also, they can perform some really cool magic.

But we have a situation. The staff is supposed to have stones, also known as rocks. Without the stones, the staff is just a stick. Would you like to help with the stone search to fix the Sam’s stick? Splendid.

First let’s get the stick. (Produce pole) There it is. Sam’s staff with a small sparrow shack on top. It’s for really small sparrows. Throughout our program today, we must look for magic stones to attach to the staff. If we can find the four stones and attach them to the staff, we will be able to use the staff to open the . . . (Insert your finale production effect)


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