The Get Connect Ropes are great for a variety of magic effects.  The name of the ropes is Eternal or Ethereal Ropes.  It is sold in many magic shops by one of those names.  The name Get Connected comes from Jim Austin who wrote the original routine.  There is no video footage of the original routine.  However, the script is shared below.  The video content here is from the Better Builder DVD and the On Your Mark DVD.


Friend Link • By Barry Mitchell
(Remove single loops from change bag and show bag empty.)
Tell me some of God’s greatest blessings. (As children suggest blessing show the single loops. Drop them in change bag as blessings are suggested.) Those are some great blessings. I think one of the greatest gifts God gives us is the ability to have friends. The Bible tells us about the great friendship between David and Jonathan.
I like to say that friendship is like magic. We are all separate but friendship joins us together. (Switch change bag for linked loops.) A good friend can make your day. A good friend can share fun when we play. A good friend can show us a better way. And a good friend can join us when we pray. (Remove linked loops from change bag.) Friendship really does link us together. But only when we connect with others and put forth the effort to MAKE friends do we HAVE friends. (Drop linked loops back into change bag. Switch for single loop of all colors.)
Something even more magical happens when a group of friends join together. It’s a powerful force. A group of friends can be girls and boys. A group of friends can bring a lot of joy. A group of friends can share their favorite toys. And a group of friends can make a lot of noise. Lets try that. Lets say, “The Magic of Friendship.” Here we got, “The Magic of Friendship!” (Remove one large rope loop from change bag.) Wow, we really can do magic when we work together as friends.

Classic Linking Rings Comedy • By Barry Mitchell
I now present for you the classic illusion of the Chinese linking rings. (Remove one metal ring.) Hum, wonder how that got in there? (Toss the ring aside.) Here they are, the rings, (Show rope loops.) all made in China. Each ring is different. I have a key ring, an earring, and a phone ring. I also have an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and the suffering. (Drop the loops in a change bag.) I will now link the rings by way of magic. (Wave your hand over the bag or do whatever silly thing you want to do. This is, after all a comedy routine. Remove the linked loops from the bag and show the bag empty.) Wow, this stuff really works! (Drop linked loops back in bag.) I know what you’re thinking. I must have more than one set of rings. No, not at all, actually I just have one ring but it’s a big one. (Show large loop of all colors.)

Get Connected • By Jim Austin •
(A triple change bag works best for this version of the routine since a helper is used to reach inside the bag.) Select a helper and hand him the change bag. Toss the six rings into the audience and invite them to try their best to throw them into the bag. Some will make it and others will not. This only adds to the fun! After everyone has tried, pick up all the rings and place them in the bag. You may prefer to hold the change bag yourself and make sure no one is able to get the rings in the bag. Switch to linked rings in the change bag. Ask your helper to grab one ring in his hand inside the bag. Say, “I will predict what color you will remove, you will select (name any color).” Have your helper remove the rings and show them all connected. Look surprised as you say, “I guess I missed my prediction but how did you do link them all together? That’s amazing. I guess that’s the power of the two of us working together and getting connected.” “Thanks for your help, please place the chain back into the bag.” Switch to the long circle of rope inside the change bag. “It’s true that working together is important. Family and friends, co-workers and teachers are all important. We need to treat everyone with respect and kindness and remember that we really do need each other. Even though we have differences, like the different colored rings, we really are very much the same. When we care for others, we really do care for ourselves. So remember, we are all one unified community, designed to work and be together just like that chain of rings. Please reach into the bag and take the ropes back out of the bag for our big finish.” Helper removes rope of six colors. “Wow! You keep getting better and better, it’s all one rope! Amazing! We are all one. Let’s care for others like they are in our own family! Give my helper a big hand!”

A Gospel Presentation for the Get Connected Ropes written by Paul Morley of England.
You can tell he’s from England. Check out how he misspelled “color” and “favourite.”

There are six differently coloured rings of knitted ropes (red, white, blue, green, yellow and orange.) Each rope has a meaning for me. The white represents God the Father, the Father of light. The red represents Jesus the Son of God who died for me. The yellow represents the Holy Spirit who brings power into our lives. The blue represents all the people in Old Testament times who believed in the coming Jesus, without seeing Him. The orange represents the people of the New Testament times who saw Jesus and believed He was the Saviour of the world. The green represents those in the world today who believe in Jesus and have made Him their best friend.

The rings are shown and a child is invited to help. Go through the colours again dropping them onto the child’s hand. The rings are then collected and dropped into your change bag.

The child is invited to lift out their favourite colour as you state what the colour represents. You look with amazement as the children shout what has happened. The ropes are linked like a chain!

That’s amazing! That’s what the Lord wants us to know. When we trust in Jesus, we’re in a safe place. A chain is put around things to keep them safe. God puts us in a chain so we will know we are not alone, but are linked to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are also linked with the Old Testament saints and the New Testament saints and all those around the earth who love Jesus.

Gather the links up again and drop them again in your change bag and the child lifts out their favourite colour again. Look with amazement as the rings have now changed into a continuous ring.

Wow that’s amazing! God wants us to know that when we believe Him because of Jesus, we become part of Gods eternal circle. We are joined together with all those who have trusted Jesus and we will live with them all in God’s heaven forever in God’s eternal circle.

Hold of the ends of the loop and bring your hands slightly together and the circle will take the shape of a smile. That truth is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The Change Bag
The choice is yours, either use a triple change bag or, as I do, a single load. With your single load change bag have it loaded with the eternal circle. On top of the handle have the chain available. After showing the individual loops, say, “I need my collection bag” and under the cover of your box, drop the loops and bring out the change bag with the chain. The chain will appear to be the same loops that were just in your hand. Drop the chain in one side of the bag, as if they are the single loops. I think you will agree that it’s a colourful, effective, and easy to do trick with a good gospel application.

Barry’s Note: I love Paul’s handling of the loops with a regular change bag. The routine is a great addition to our Get Connected ropes.

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