Puppetry Power Tools
Steve Petra shares his most effective tools and techniques for creating audience pleasing puppet routines for your act. So if you’re using a puppet, thinking about using a puppet or terrified of using a puppet you won’t want to miss this episode of ‘From the Petra Cave’ featuring Puppetry Power Tools.

After you watch Steve’s Guest Session you will say, “Holy Mother of All Puppet Masters Great and Small . . . This is Good Stuff!” If you are in ANY WAY serious about being a children’s entertainer, you MUST watch this 26-minute video. Even if you dislike puppets so much that you won’t wear gloves in winter, you MUST to see this video. Put simply . . . IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT COMEDY IN YOUR SHOWS. Yes, the purpose of the session is to provide “puppet” power tools, however, the wealth of entertainment wisdom Steve shares is valuable to all entertainers. I learn every time I watch Steve lecture and you will too!

Visit Steve’s site to see all of his DVDs.  Let’s Build A Show, Let’s Get Visual: The Lecture Video, & Let’s Get Visual

The original tease video

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