Saddle up and ride into the mind of Barry Mitchell, one of America’s most creative entertainers. You’ll see a live performance of the “Word Wrangler” show and go behind the scenes to learn how the show was created.

You’ll discover tips and secrets of performing on the road. You’ll learn the techniques to have teachers and principals praising your work. You’ll be challenged to make your programs more creative and imaginative. It’s all inside this video.

This was one of my favorite school shows.  I performed it during the 2001-2002 school calendar.  This video contains live footage of some of the most popular retired effects.  Bulls Eye Book and Got Cookies went on to become great sellers for me.  I even brought back Got Cookies our of retirement for a short period.  There are some great tidbits of information that still apply to performing in schools today.  There’s also an explosive trick using fire.  Can’t do that one any more.

My favorite part of the entire show was Bovine Bob.  I think you’ll agree, he loves to boogie.

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