This idea is simple and should inspire you to connect simple music and sound effects with your magic.  Even if you don’t purchase the soundtrack, you should be able to create something of your own using the principles I’m showing here.  However, at only $5 as a Studio Scholar, you can’t go wrong.

Magic of Music
There’s magic in music and now there’s music in magic! Magic is a visual art that’s “magically” improved with music. This presentation of Barry’s Pop Up Production reveals the power of combining music and magic while keeping the mystery and adding a fun finale. The music was written to be easy to follow with simple cues for the most non-musical among us. Online video instructions make this effect easy to perform immediately.

But wait, there’s more! The same music works great with other props. We show a fun presentation with a change bag and set of blendo silks. You’ll be performing it in seconds. Music track comes with performance rights for purchaser only. Music written by Nathan J. Roberts.

The video content within this post shows all you need to know to apply this music track to both the Pop Up Production trick or a simple silk blendo in a change bag.  However, the music and sound effects are written in such a way that you can adapt it to other tricks in your magic box.  Because the videos are on our product site with a password required, a password is required here in the studio too.

The password to watch the videos is music


Alternate presentation using a change bag and blendo silks

Magic of Music 2
This is an another alternate presentation of Magic of Music using a larger finale silk and foam eggs.

The password to watch the videos is music

Alternate presentation explanation

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