It’s time to play Egg Head, the game show that’s EGG-citing to everyone except the egg! You don’t win without breaking a few eggs. Each egg is placed within smashing distance of an EGG-ceptionally efficient rat trap spring. One button releases the trap with EGG-plosive results. Egg Head is an exciting illustration for children about trust. The children go nuts when the eggs break and they learn the real meaning of trust. May be used to teach other subjects. Egg Head was created as a fun teaching tool although several magic applications are possible. You receive: rat trap board with one trap manufactured in quality plastic, plexiglass trap cover, additional rat trap for demonstration, one dozen plastic eggs (ready to smash), instructions and magic ideas, and online video instructions. Egg Head may be used to smash plastic or real eggs. HOWEVER, we do not recommend using with real eggs. It creates a REAL BIG MESS! REAL rat traps are used with this prop and caution is recommended. Traps should only be handled by adults.

The video above is part of the online instructions on our product site.  It requires a password to watch.  The password is . . . egg

Demo and Explanation of the original Egg Head. This video requires a password.
Password is . . . egg

Live performance from Inspector Iwannano Show.  This video requires a password.
Password is . . . egg

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