Original Version

Pop Up Production is a great sponge production effect.  All the props may be obtained from magic shops or available on our website.  Pop Up Cans are available at O’Reilly Auto Parts.  The colored balls will bleed on each other.  We offer both an all red version and a multi color version. Pop Up Pad is an exclusive of Barry Mitchell Products. We have them made specially for us. 

NEW Pop Up Production Demo
New version uses two cubes instead of ball and cube. It became more and more difficult to get the large Incredi-balls.

New Pop Up Production Explanation
This video requires a PASSWORD. Password is popup (all one word, lower case)

Something Squishy
The magic theme for our January 2019 Ring 58 meeting was “squishy” magic. Therefore, I did this.

Pop Up Production Explanation

The footage below is from Think Different Sponge Magic DVD.

DIY Window Box instructions

Pop Up Pad Demo

Pop Up Pad Explanation
Password to watch video is pop (all lower case)

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