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The story of the light strings begins in November at our annual gift show.  Each year vendors from around the US come to Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, TN to show off their latest.  I stated going to this event many years ago.  Each year I search all the new items for gift shops.  There are lots and lots of T-shirts, caps, candy, and nick nacks.  Ever so ofter I find a single item that becomes a treasure.  As I walk from booth to booth, I have a single mission . . . where’s the magic.  I’m not looking for “magic tricks.”  There are none.  I’m looking for something that I believe can BECOME a magic trick or story.  Some of my best sellers have been sparked from the gift show.  I found the light strings, which are novelty holiday necklaces and I got excited.  I examined ever inch to see how it could be used.  In most cases the vendors will not sell items at the show, however, this vendor was willing to work with me and I carried a dozen out without drawing attention.  A fat bald guy doesn’t really draw that much attention.

When home I got to work.  WHAT CAN THIS BE?  It’s my favorite question when brainstorming.  When I knew I had some winner ideas, I went back to the show and bought every case they had.  I shot the videos of ideas and started selling.  At the time, the idea was so new that very few stores had them during the Christmas season.  Since it was new and untested in the market, it was not being sold in Walmart and bigger retailers.  I had a year to sell as many as possible because Walmart would definitely rip it off for the next year.  Actually I got two years out of it.  Eventually Walgreens, Walmart, and Big Lots had them.  Ironically, all the versions they had were made cheaply and didn’t have the same number of lights.  Since I had the original, I had the superior product.  Once it gets into the big retailers they make it as cheap as possible and lower the quality of the original.

The light strings are now available in many stores at the holiday season.  These videos may help you use the strings on the market to perform light string productions.

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