The Rubber Chicken Chronicles was my first attempt at creating a small newsletter/magazine. It wasn’t a failure but it didn’t perform well enough to continue. The first volume is lost. I was able to find 2-4 in my old files and scanned them for the computer. I don’t remember if there were more than 4 volumes. Yes, I really don’t remember.

The plan of this printed magazine was to follow the path of Stan Allen’s Inside Magic magazine. One HUGE advantage of Inside Magic was the appeal of knowing when magicians would be on television. That knowledge was power before the internet. It was only a few pages that came in the mail but it opened up the world for everyone to be a magic insider. It evolved into Magic Magazine.

My goal was to offer a similar printed piece with content of my own and contributions. Advertising was in the form of printed pieces inserted in the envelope when shipped. My customer base was too small and my style is unique, meaning not everyone wants to know what I think. Those are BIG reasons the idea didn’t work. Fast forward to 2017 and the Smile Maker Studio becomes my new Rubber Chicken Chronicles. 

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