The Sugarplum Princess Pageant was a local beauty pageant in my hometown, Sweetwater, TN.

This is a rare bit of Barry footage. This was before I had the job as magician at the Dixie Stampede show in Pigeon Forge, TN. This was “my act” in segments at least at that time in my life. When I look back, I’m happy with some of what I did and not so much with the rest. It’s all a part of the growth process of all of us. The video contains all my segments from the beauty pageant into one video.

At this time in my life, I was married and living in my hometown for 4 years. After college, I moved to New Orleans to perform in the French Quarter. I had a “regular” job at the time plus school shows and family events.

Performed at this show were:
Opening with Balloon Animal
I went by the name “The Balloon Magician.” Ironically, I can no longer even inflate a balloon.

Pom Poms Stick
This is a pom pom stick I made with PVC pipe. It’s the basic routine, nothing creative here.

Lost & Found Comedy Card Trick
This is one of my favorite audience participation tricks. I’ve done it different ways over the years. It’s basic card trick magic with one liners. However, it does play well for an audience.

Boo Balls Sponge Balls
I wrote the routine in the early 80’s. Yes, I used a broken wand. In the 80’s it wasn’t considered bullying. We don’t want to forget the Ed Harris Big Bucks giveaways.

Cut & Restored Rope
I’ve been blessed with praise from many magicians due to my rope routine. It is a basic routine, however, I am self-taught. If I had a teacher, I would probably have better sleight of hand. This presentation was before I learned the George Sands rope moves, which I use in my routines now.

Silk Vanishing Knot
Just a throw away but fun.

More Balloons
At the time, some of the things I did with balloons were considered advanced. However, now those skills are basic.

Silk to Egg
Comedy classic. Nothing different or creative here but entertaining.

Newspaper Tear
I love the Anderson Newspaper Tear. In my hands, it’s just another trick surrounded by one liners from the Harry Allen books.

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