My goal with this post is to have one location for all the tips and tricks we’ve discovered with our exclusive Super Screen.  We are overwhelmed with how much potential this one prop contains.  Thankfully there’s space here to add more videos as we create new uses and ideas.  As you go through the videos, you may notice some overlap in content.  Each time we shot a new video we did a small amount of review of previous content that applied.  However, as you dig in, you’ll discover new ways to use a temple screen, improvements on using the pouch with magnets and plastic sleeves, additional items that may be attached to the velcro on the screen, and a variety of art possibilities.  Super Screen is also a DIY project for those interested.  Take a look at the DIY Temple Screen post for all the details.

Password to watch is screen (all lower case)

Production Banners

Printable Insert Secrets

Halloween Printable Inserts
Although this video was shot to promo Halloween art, it has some creative uses for the Super Screen that can apply to any performance.  Don’t miss the great ideas just because it’s name includes “Halloween.”

Inserts Misc Pack

Sports Super Screen Demos

Christmas Printable Inserts

Christmas Printable Inserts Behind the Scenes
Password is bell

Creative Advantage Super Magnet

DIY RAINBO Mini Temple Screen

Demo of banner productions using a Super Screen.

Invisible Deck Temple Screen

This chapter is from the retired Production Light Strings.  All the light string videos can be found here

Super Screen – Rings of the Games

Rings of the Games Explanation

Libraries in Space
See full post with art files. CLICK HERE

Temple of Heroes from Hero Magic, Music & More DVD

Fire Up DVD – Canned Corn
See Full POST

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